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ambiance poster 1 8.5 by 11


Carleton University                                  2012 - 2016

Ottawa, Ontario


  • Bachelor of Industrial Design - Graduated

  • Fourth year, CGPA 9.83 on a 12.0 scale, A-

  • 2014 Dean's List Student

  • 2016 Michael Elmarson Memorial Award Winner


University of Toronto                                 2011 - 2012

Toronto, Ontario


  • ​Bachelor of Arts and Science

  • Humanites Program

Work Experience
Array Marketing                           August 2016 - Present

Toronto, Ontario

​Industrial Design Position

  • Produces design intent packages, conceptual renderings, price drawings, and foam core models of merchandising displays for retail companies such as Sephora

Repath Industries Inc.             June 2015 - August 2015

Vaughan, Ontario

​Industrial Design Internship Position

  • Produced technical drawings in Solidworks

  • Designed the company’s website 


Relevant Skills


Design Skills
  • Experienced in several art based skills including sketching, painting,
    technical drawing, manual and digital photography 
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks, Keyshot, and Rhinoceros

  • Gained knowledge in model making, 3D rendering, and layout consideration in order to formally present designed products


Communication Skills                                                         
  • Clearly presented design concepts and analyses of other designed products

  • Voiced opinions and suggestions during design reviews for all projects

  • Gained written communication skills by documenting the design process and writing a design brief

Teamwork Skills                                                     

  • Organized team roles and responsibilities in order to set the team on track and focus on the goal for the research portion of the Ironing System project

  • Collaborated with peers on various design concepts by compiling and organizing all data found through research and user testing results

  • Organized and supervised user testing stations during product analyses


Applied Projects


Design Brief                                                         2013

Carleton University 


  • Studied the design problems of a product in order to improve its function and profit

  • Successfully wrote a report on the design of a kitchen appliance in order to present the product’s redesign

Ironing System Project                                      2014

Carleton University 


  • Collaborated in a team of fellow student designers to compile product category research in order to redesign an ironing system for the hotel environment 

  • Organized and supervised user testing stations to analyze areas of improvement in order to create a formal presentation of the redesigned product

Ox - Leather Travel Alarm Clock Project         2015

Carleton University 


  • Explored design opportunites to create a timeless product using the material of leather 

  • Organized and presented my design process which included research, competitive products, ideation, 3D modelling, redesign, manufacturing, use cycle, and model making

Skills at a Glance







Technical Drawing



Manual Photography

Digital Photography

Model Making

2010 - present

2010 - present

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